VoIP by Lapis

Our digital phone system in IP network allows an unlimited number of simultaneous calls with an unlimited number of connected phones. In order to meet the specific needs of the hotel, VoIP by Lapis uses the advanced calling features as well as call routing.

VoIP by Lapis

Lapis Hotel Phone

Lapis Hotel phone sound

Crystal clear sound – a completely digital system.

Lapis Hotel phone mode

Hotel Mode – the phone is adapted and programmed for the needs of a hotel room. By locking the settings, their changes and call lists become unavailable to the guests

Lapis Hotel phone forwarding

Call forwarding, call waiting, music while waiting on the phone.


There is a possibility of a wired Internet access using the phone’s outlets; it only takes one network outlet in the room.

Lapis Internet
Power Over Ethernet

Power Over Ethernet

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) – the phone charges only using a network cable (which makes the area around the phone neater and the electrical wall socket remains available for other devices).

Wireless Connectivity

For the existing facilities that do not have any infrastructure, there are wireless phone models. In terms of functions and features, this model is identical to the one that connects with the wire.

Wireless Connectivity

VoIP Server

VoIP Server is developed on an Open Source platform. It is very flexible with a wide range of configuration options and no license limitations – any phone number can be connected to it. There is a possibility to integrate it into Lapis Hotel Server, which eliminates the need to have a separate server with additional costs.

VoIP Server

VoIP Server Features

VoIP Server Statistics

It keeps calls’ statistics and integrates with the reservation system in order to charge for the service.

VoIP Server Sim Card

There is a possibility of SIM Card usage at the telephone exchange to provide cheaper calls to the mobile networks.

VoIP Server Automatic Wake-Up calls

Automatic Wake-Up calls are also available.

Use minibar by a telephone service

The household can use the minibar by a telephone service.

Cheap calls

Cheap calls

The technological solution we have designed enables a free choice of the operator with cheaper calls towards landline, mobile and international networks.